Band Camp

Students must attend band camp in order to ensure a spot in the field show.

Drill will not be re-written to accommodate students who do not attend band camp without notifying Mr. Gardner in advance.

Please see the Calendar page for dates and times for band camp.

Please see list of required items for band camp below.



Band camp is a 2-week period of rehearsals that occurs before the school year starts. It lets the band get a jump start on the upcoming season and time to begin learning the fundamentals of marching and the show itself.

Band camp is not an overnight camp. It runs from 8am until 5pm. Students are required to stay on campus through the entire day. They will not be allowed to leave campus to get food, so must bring their lunches and any snacks they have with them. Parents are allowed to drop off food if desired.

During the morning block students will be out on the field working on marching and drill while it is still the cooler time of day. It will still get hot though, so proper hydration and sunscreen is necessary.

After a lunch break from 12pm-1pm, the afternoon block is spent working on music. Students will be able to find shady areas to work in or in the classrooms of teachers who have given the band permission to use them during camp. After spending time in sectionals, the band comes together as a group to work on the music in a full ensemble rehearsal.

Students will need a physical form on file for band camp and regular season rehearsals. Click here for more information


Water dispensers will be out on the field with the students, but this should be viewed as back up water, not as a primary water supply. This half-gallon jug, available at Dick's Sporting Goods, is only $8 and insulated.

Larger jugs are encouraged.

Students should always be drinking water the night before any rehearsal or performance to be properly hydrated for rehearsal. Good hydration begins hours before rehearsal begins.

Students must  come dressed in athletic clothing:

    • tennis shoes (shoes should be broken in to avoid blisters)

    • thin, light colored t-shirt

    • athletic shorts/pants (nothing that restricts your movement)

    • hat, preferably 360-degree (not required, but highly recommended)

    • sunglasses (not required, recommended)

    • No Jeans!

    • No Sandals!

    • No Vans/Converse/Anything similar!

black athletic shorts

BRING SUNSCREEN!!! It does not matter if you have never experienced a sunburn before. You will at band camp if you do not have sunscreen and reapply. 


Students will also need a 1inch binder with sheet protectors to hold their music and drill pages (total about $8-10). Failure to do this will result in chasing pieces of paper across the field thanks to a gust of wind. Avoid the hassle. This should be a binder specifically for marching band music and drill pages.