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The Black & Gold Regiment performs frequently throughout the first semester of the school year. Most performances are from the beginning of the school year up to Thanksgiving break. After Thanksgiving break the winter groups begin preparing for their seasons.

Black & Gold Regiment performances mostly consist of home football games and CSBC competitions. The schedule for the fall can be viewed on the Calendar page (once dates are known, the calendar gets updated).


All students involved in athletic programs (including marching band, winter percussion, and color guard) in Hesperia Unified School District are required to get a physical. They must also have the doctor fill out a district form as proof for the physical filled with relevant medical information. These physicals must be redone every year the student is involved in athletics. These are required to participate in the marching band and must be completed during the summer before band camp.

Physical forms can be obtained from the Hesperia High School athletics office, or downloaded as PDFs here.


The band plays pep tunes in the stands and at half-time performs the competition field show. The band cheers for the team and with the cheerleaders between tunes. The only away game the BGR currently plays for is the Key Game when hosted by Sultana (on odd-numbered years).


Call time to dismissal usually runs from about 5:00 pm to 9:30 pm, depending on the game (time outs, injuries, overtime, etc. can all affect when dismissal actually occurs)


Competitions occur throughout the fall, culminating in finals. Finals will usually take place the Saturday that kicks off Thanksgiving break. Students take buses to the competition sites and stay until the awards ceremony is finished.

There are a variety of factors that go into determining the schedule of a competition day. Itineraries will be posted on the Home page as the performance approaches as well as printed in physical form for students to take home if desired.



Agreement to Consent to Participate


Physical Form

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