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Snap Raise Update

As of noon on October 4th, only 3 days into our fundraiser, the band has raised $1,120. Keep those emails coming, send out some social media blasts. Let's get those donations!


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Itinerary Edit #2

I just found out that CSBC doesn't want us arriving as early as I had initially planned. Bad news is we have less warm up time than planned. Good news is call time is pushed back to 6:00am. Please loo

Menu for Semis

There is a link to the CSBC website on the homepage. It will lead you to the 2A/5A semis page. Click the red link labeled "Concessions Menu" to get a PDF with the menu of food that will be sold as wel

Itinerary Edit

There was a mistake on the return time for the itinerary. The current times are the correct times. (Please remember with return times depend on traffic and accuracy of when we actually pull out of the


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